6 Cleaning Ways

Carpet cleaning sounds so simple and mundane but it is not! If it is not simple then how can you expect to perform the task with the normal domestic vacuum cleaner?

The first step in carpet cleaning is to determine what materials the carpet is made from and what kind of stains and dirt are on the carpet. Then you need to decide what kind of cleaning will best suit the circumstances.

Not a simple task, so call in the specialists for all your carpet cleaning. They will choose the best option for your carpets. Certain chemicals and processes can work wonders on one carpet yet ruin another.

Essentially There Are 6 Ways of Cleaning Carpets:

Firstly, there is the simple vacuum method – this is suitable for daily care and picking up the obvious such as dog and cat hair and some of the dust. This is a cheap and simple process but not really effective for a good, deep clean. If this is all you do to your carpets you will after a while finds a build-up of deep dirt and stains. Dust at the base of your carpet can work as a cutting abrasive and if left there will cut through your carpet fibers and destroy your carpet.

Secondly, you could use the shampooing carpet cleaning method. The detergent is agitated into the carpet then extracted with a powerful vacuum process. Unfortunately, this process gives a bit of a superficial clean as it only preps up the surface and like normal vacuuming, it does not get to the deep down dirt.

Thirdly, there is the dry cleaning method – this is a professional process which involves using special cleaning powders which attracts the dirt and then vacuums. The advantage is that the carpet is left relatively dry and it works well. However, this method is not recommended for light duty carpets as it is a fairly aggressive carpet cleaning process.

Fourthly, you could use the foam carpet cleaning process. This method is a combination of shampooing and dry cleaning process – a really good deep cleaning process but really only recommended on tough, high-traffic-handling carpets

Fifthly, there is the steam cleaning method. This process uses a combination of steam and strong vacuuming – an effective method but hard on the carpets and takes a long time to dry. This method cannot be used on delicate fabrics and should not be used too often.

Lastly, there is the Bonnet method which uses a special machine and detergents – an expensive (due to the special machines required) and quick process, but it is best suited for large carpeted areas such as office blocks and other commercial spaces.

So carpet cleaning is rather complex and should best be left to the professionals who can be contacted through USA Cleaning Acadiana. Check out the website of USA Cleaning Acadiana, select the city and a list of Cleaning Acadiana in your area will be yours for free from which to choose.